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ABUSE VICTIM.. How do you spell it?

childHow to spell abuse

ABUSE  VICTIM..  How do you spell it?

This Is How I Spell IT……

A = Attack

B = Barbaric

U = Uninvited

S = Surreal

E = Evil


V = Violated

I = Innocent

C = Crushed

T = Taken

I = Inconceivable

M = Mind-altering


I am going to share a few unedited facts or rather thoughts that I am compelled to share. If you are looking for a positive upbeat article, then you had better walk away now. This article will not be the pleasantry that you might be expecting.

Why should I edit, even word my thoughts with any respect or standards, when I am addressing an abuser?

This article is being written on behalf of every victim in this world…..






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