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Child Molesters…Do they Exist?

child molestors do they exist

This article that you are about to read is not an up-lifting and positive issue. It is going to be a REALISTIC and TERRIFYING read, one that is going make you feel sick to your stomach, not to mention make your skin crawl. This article is going to awaken your inner hate and give you a desire to make your cry for help count. It is about child molesters. The kind of human that in my mind does not deserve a second chance. A child molester is like any other disease that we must find a vaccine for and get rid of forever.

This article consists of my thoughts on child molesters. I cannot promise you that these thoughts will be kind or positive feeling. For that I apologize up front. My target here is to wake up the parents that are too busy to take a minute to check who their child is talking to on the internet, or ask who is calling when a mature voice is on the other end of the phone asking for your child……..




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