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Forgiveness..a Key to Personal Freedom

forgiveness is the key-

What do you do when you are in a place where someone’s hurt you? Someone that you have trusted deeply and cared so much for in your life!What do you do when you are hit  blindsided by life and pulled down so fast that you almost lose your breathe, not to mention your sense of reality? Do you become a new acquaintance of negative thinking and allow hate, disgust, bitterness even resentment to take control of your thoughts?

“DO NOT…. do that!“

Do not allow any amount of negative thinking  hold you down under its weight of mistrust and its desire to hurt back. It will be a very long road to nowhere.  Happiness is most certainly not at the end of that road. The only thing that you will find there is the need to avenge your pain and sorrows. You will be tricked into thinking that to hurt back is the only way to find closure or justice.

“DO NOT… do that!“

There is not a single person on earth that has not been a victim of mistrust, criticism or deception in one form or another. Whether it be from a partner, child, co-worker, girl-friend or even a neighbor. When one has been hurt by a close  and trusted person, that hurt goes into places very deep inside of your heart. It is a hurt that is considerably unbearable and you feel like your life has come close to death. If you give into that hurt and allow it to consume your thoughts, you will fall into a very ugly world of wanting to somehow avenge  that person in either the same level of hurt or even a deeper hurt.

I have experienced…..






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