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The rape…the aftermath

rape aftermath 51

Quietly you pull up your sweats, then slide into your running shoes and grab your ipod on your way out the door for your  early  run. This is your time of the day, your space to just breathe and prepare for the rest of whatever the day has to bring you.  Up early,  just in time to see the sun rise, breathing in the early morning dew, putting  your best foot forward as you fall into your cadence at ease.

The park is quiet at this time, which is a good thing as you love to sing while you run to challenge your heart rate. The trees are so  thick and full at this time of year that a person could easily stay hidden in them, you think as you run. The birds sing as they begin to wake to the sun, as it shows its first peak of light. You close your eyes for a second and feel the warmth of the day on your face and then in that instant, something knocks the wind out of you. You are taken over from behind, you fall to the ground, you no sooner put your arm down to push yourself up and you feel a pain shoot through the back of your head, falling to the ground.

You must have passed out,  the more conscious you become, the more you  try to regain some level of reality…you realize that your body is not your is being sexually violated. This abuse, this rape, it is tearing you apart, the pain and the violation is like nothing you have ever experienced before……






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Rape Is..


It is:
-not the victims fault
Rape is about power and control,  it is not necessarily about the sex.
Rape is the use of a threat or actual force and violence to take control over another person against their free-will.
Some rapists will use drugs to take away a person’s ability to resist.  This is known as coercion or intimidation, which is a type of manipulation of ones free-will and/or compliance.

A rapist deserves no favors nor excuses. This victimizer knows right from wrong. When a person says ‘ NO’ ….they mean ‘NO’.  Excuses such as…she was saying  ‘NO’, but I know she was really saying  ‘YES’  are as shallow and as disgusting as the rapist themselves…..



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Are you being Abused?


Abuse has no limitations…it knows no age, gender, nor color. It is one of the most scarring, shaming and traumatic experiences a human mind will ever be experience.
Abuse is another one of those words that society never fails to turn into shame…it is why I call it a ‘ HUSH WORD’.

It is what most people that are victims work very hard at hiding because of many reasons, shame being one.

A victim will go to any lengths to hide her abuse, not so much to protect her abuser, more so to protect herself and the realization that she is in an abusive relationship and then she will be forced to deal with it.

In most cases the victims are already grown up when they finally begin to address certain abuses they have experienced in life…it is only then that they can find the strength to call upon the demon that has haunted them for years. Or they find themselves in one abusive relationship after another…never quite understand what they keep doing wrong…….




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ABUSE VICTIM.. How do you spell it?

childHow to spell abuse

ABUSE  VICTIM..  How do you spell it?

This Is How I Spell IT……

A = Attack

B = Barbaric

U = Uninvited

S = Surreal

E = Evil


V = Violated

I = Innocent

C = Crushed

T = Taken

I = Inconceivable

M = Mind-altering


I am going to share a few unedited facts or rather thoughts that I am compelled to share. If you are looking for a positive upbeat article, then you had better walk away now. This article will not be the pleasantry that you might be expecting.

Why should I edit, even word my thoughts with any respect or standards, when I am addressing an abuser?

This article is being written on behalf of every victim in this world…..





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Child Molesters…Do they Exist?

child molestors do they exist

This article that you are about to read is not an up-lifting and positive issue. It is going to be a REALISTIC and TERRIFYING read, one that is going make you feel sick to your stomach, not to mention make your skin crawl. This article is going to awaken your inner hate and give you a desire to make your cry for help count. It is about child molesters. The kind of human that in my mind does not deserve a second chance. A child molester is like any other disease that we must find a vaccine for and get rid of forever.

This article consists of my thoughts on child molesters. I cannot promise you that these thoughts will be kind or positive feeling. For that I apologize up front. My target here is to wake up the parents that are too busy to take a minute to check who their child is talking to on the internet, or ask who is calling when a mature voice is on the other end of the phone asking for your child……..



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Motherhood can be the most joyous part of our lives. It gives us feelings of love, of being needed, of being responsible, and so many more positive things. It also gives us many challenges that we are never prepared to deal with. The challenge that I am going to share with you, is of a mother having to deal with an abusive child. Whether the abuse stems from chemical abuse or learned behavior, it is still abuse. These questions are my thoughts.

When does being a mother to your children, switch into being a prisoner of their world?

When does being a mother that nurtures and breast feeds her sweet helpless child, turn into a mother ducking from that grown child’s blows?

When does being a mother say we have to stand by and watch our children fall into the grips of addiction?….



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