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Abuse becomes visible through daily photos for 1 year..The End is Disturbing..

This may or may not be a real situation for the woman in this video, it is however a real fact in so many lives around the globe. I choose to share this with you so that you can read opinions of others that too may have either been or still are a witness to or a victim of abuse. Abuse is a prison in its own. It is to many an impossible situation to escape from. If you have never been mentally or physically abused, you can never conceive of its hold on the victim.   Dorothyl

A woman takes a photo of herself each day for a year long… At the end, the woman is holding a paper on which is written: “Help me, I don’t know if I’ll make it ’till tomorrow.”

Comments below..

Rhiannon Dean · St. Joseph CT
It pissess me off that so many people are judging her for staying for a year. Many people are in this form of relationship for much longer than that even. Abuse it’s not something most people can up and leave from because it permeates their life. Stop being judgemental and start being empathetic.
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Blair Logie
Well most of the time they still stay with them and don’t think that it is an abusive relationship (if you Watch Family guy, Quatmires sister for example). However This woman has shown that she knows that this is an abusive relationship and while she is calling out for help why did she take all those pictures?
Reply · Like · 14 · August 1 at 1:28pm

Mniek Stegenga · Top Commenter
Blair Logie Just try to imagine how much fear you can have for leaving such a person who does this. It needs some extra guts. Apparantly ´this girl found guts´ (not sure if its a real or made for the campagne) by asking for help on the internet. Playing with these kind of people feels like playing with your life.
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Blair Logie
Mniek Stegenga Apparantely it was a campaign.
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Beth Colclough · Upright at Self employed business
Until you walk a mile in someones shoes do not judge I spent 8 yrs in an abusive relationship until Ifinally ffoundthe strength and ccourage to leave. Then and only then did the real shit start to happen…

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Aki Lulu · Follow · Guitarist at Belle Mortelle ベッル・モールテッル
Didn’t call police, these days police believes everything women tells them,
Reply · Like · 8 · August 3 at 1:14pm

Sara Faas-Farr
your wrong. police are more and more these days in favor of men. They USED to believe everything women told them. just saw a documentary about this recently
Reply · Like · 22 · August 4 at 10:55am

Lorna Long · Owner and Artist at LL Crafting
Aki Mato funny, it used to be ( and sometimes still is) that when a woman complained of being hit the standard police responce was often.. “well what did you do to upset him, you must have done something, try not to upset him next time” …. then the pendulum swung the other way and it was all what the woman said now it is finally slowly swinging towards the middle ground. Hopefully it will stay there
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Rhiannon Kahoano
I hope she is in a safe place now. Those who say she isn’t smart or why would she just let him do that , she should have just left. You have no clue what a person in that situation goes through. It’s not just physical abuse but mental as well. It’s complicated. Don’t be so close minded and harsh especially if you no nothing about abuse. Let’s show love and support people.
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Loretta Ramos · Chabot College
u know it!
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Denni Karczewski Evans
This breaks my heart!
Reply · Like · 7 · August 1 at 4:39pm

Lynette Leilani Teixeira Kahoano · University of Hawaii
So sad that she had to live like that.
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Jasmine Chealsea Barry · Follow
All criticising the woman for staying not criticising the abuser #logic
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Jeremy Peterson · Abbotsford, British Columbia
Usually…but who said that trolls are well adjusted to good psychology?
Reply · Like · 10 · August 3 at 7:39pm

Shanda Sue · Follow · Redneck housewife of tinbucktwo at I Dont Work, Im A Princess ;*
What you people are failing to understand is in a case like this leaving is often a guaranteed death sentence. It takes time to plan a SAFE escape
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Sulique Waqa · Follow · Fiji LDS Church College
She had time to take photos of herself within that 1 year period but no time to leave the relationship? I got the campaign, but not the ‘the other day my husband hit and I was like, wait…let me take a selfie’.
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Ângelo Von Bussaco · Follow
I don’t get that part of the message either… Are they saying you should stay there for a year? Should be one black eye, one picture of the dude getting a swift kick in the nuts and at the end it could say: “Don’t be a victim”
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Kenny Edordu · University of Manchester
i hope its some kind of ad ..its powerful
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Kenny Edordu · University of Manchester
“One Photo A Day In The Worst Year Of My Life”—powerful Serbian* PSA to raise awareness about domestic abuse.
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Anu Roosileht · Follow · Works at Atos
Leaving is just not that simple for those who are in that. Near me happened that lady screamed as hell in one apartment. It was so terryfiing screaming, so my friend went to check out, but not very far as a guy pointed with a gun from the window stright to my friends face. My friend jumped behind the corner and called the police. Guess what. Lady told that nothing happened, they yesterday got married, no gun was found…simply just nothing and bruises usually come out at the next day. This is so typical with such stories, husand just says that he will find the girl and will kill him when she talks. And the guy is sort of guy who may actually kill!
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Cosmin Ronnin · Follow · Toronto, Ontario
so the add should be about ending female stupidity instead ?
can it be one of those cases, when the woman you’re describing has refused legions of good guys, because she loves bad guys, and takes the abuse because she only wants bad boys and loves drama too much ?
Reply · Like · 11 · August 1 at 8:33am

Larry Young · Top Commenter · NBCC Saint John
Cosmin Ronnin you’re an idiot.
Reply · Like · 168 · August 1 at 9:00am

Isela Escudero · Uach
Cosmin Ronnin: The add should be about ending male stupidity instead !!
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Matt Rees · Sales Associate at Micheals Arts and Crafts
I don’t care if her intentions were to show us her getting abused to make a powerful statement, I think its pretty obvious on its own abuse is wrong. I don’t care if its just an ad either. Her real relationship was over the first time she got hit and she should have left but shes only punishing herself by staying. I’ve seen way to many people in that situation say their life would be over and they would have no where to go, but in reality its the only thing you can do in the end and you’ll only start living again once you leave.
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Stefan Roets · Follow · University of Pretoria
I agree with you Matt. Did she continue to endure the abuse because she could not leave, or did she choose to stay in order to make a point at the end? Perhaps it was a combination of the two, but after documenting it for a year one cannot help but think that she wilfully continued to maintain the relationship. The first time your partner hits you, is one time too many – find help and get out.
Reply · Like · 10 · August 1 at 8:43am

Matt Rees · Sales Associate at Micheals Arts and Crafts
I also agree with you. For this particular girl yes I do believe its an ad because she took 30 pictures of herself before she even got abused, but it could still be that shes not apart of an ad. I feel the bigger problem in these scenarios is the abused feeling like they cant leave because the abuser causes fear towards them and says they deserve abuse. If the abused didn’t have fear or didn’t feel like they deserved it, they probably wouldn’t stay. That being said, I think the awareness should be directed to how the abuser works their ways as well as how the victim feels.
Reply · Like · 17 · August 1 at 9:43am

Kimberly Kincaid · Top Commenter · Crew Trainer at McDonald’s
The problem is when you meet these abusers, they are charming little psychopaths. They are great manipulators and you would not know their true colors. By the time you find out, your life is in extreme danger precisely for trying to leave them. Many stay so that they don’t die. And meanwhile, when the physical abuse starts, the psychological abuse starts so they begin to believe they are crazy; that they’ll never do anything better; that if they leave, their families are in danger, etc. and ad nauseum. It’s a sick cycle that is very hard to remove yourself from.
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Amber Eyestone · Baker at Buttercream Wedding Cakes
I think if I would have done this with my abusive ex, I would have left sooner and not wasted 5+ years of my life with him. Its hard to understand how come that its not that easy unless you have been in the situation yourself. Finding YOUR idenity is how you break free, and if photos every day to remind you is how you do that it’s progress through the struggle.
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