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Rape: a discussion on Face Book~

The act of rape is not only serious, intrusive, violating, victimizing, terrorizing and traumatizing,  it is also an act that remains without reason or rhyme for so many. We read and hear,  that it is about an act of a type of control and power. When I speak/write about the act of rape, it is about when the word NO, bears no meaning. It is about when one person goes beyond what is right and what is acceptable. It is also about when a person has no control over their own thoughts and/or actions, yet takes control over another’s through physical and/or mental actions in a sexual manner of sorts.
I ran into this discussion on Face Book in which I felt compelled to share with you as it deals with a subject matter that can affect each and everyone to some degree.
The discussion deals with reactions towards the perpetrators of rape.
Please feel free to add to this discussion~
             Vicci Chase Love this.
  •  Savy Lim Really???
  • Debi Benavidez Break a face! Stop abuse!!
  • Dawn Dodd amen to that!!!
  • Κωνσταντία Γκ like like like!!
  • Gharl Sherm very true
  • Virginia Wiesman EAR YEAH & AMEN
  •  Jona Rose I like the pic on the top real men don’t rape, and real women don’t expose themselves. I see little girls wearing super cut shorts at the age of 12 or 13 here. Great example of no one is the winner between girls or boys.
  • Anupama Braroo me too can’t stop smiling becoz your post provokes me..awesome! sometimes pain too has an edge of humor..
  • Sheffanessea Sunshine Brown a man that rapes a woman is like raping his own mother they all comes from a woman where is the respect?
  • Sharjeel Khan But its true its this attraction which causes marriage and also rapes. And advertisers also exploit this attraction by showing women in revealing clothes
  • Keny Reme Amen
  • Sue Hill Rape is about control and power.It is not about attraction.Thats why old women and children are raped.It is a problem in the mans head.
  • Sarah Vale Whatever a woman chooses to wear it is not an invitation to be raped. No man should think it ok whatever the situation to take something just because he wants it or feels it’s his right to have.
  • Sandra Mostrey Sharjeel what planet are you from? your comment implies men are helpless raping animals, that no woman is safe as men can’t control themselves, please. Grow a brain, a heart & the ability to reason
  • Jennifer Luke Agree ~<3~
  • Silver Moonbeams it does not matter what you wear…strippers get it all of but never asked to be raped, and that goes for men and woman. no means no
  • Amanda-Jane Haggarty OMG women wearing revealing clothing is an invitation to rape??? Thank the lord I don’t live in India. Disgusting!!! The men who commit such crimes should be castrated!!!
  • Tudor Popescu now this is a great poster!
  • Blaine Morrice shut his power off
  • Sheli Shahadan Hell yeah !!!!
  • Marva Veliz DEFINITELY!!!
  • Lulu Argyrou Sharjeel!!! You disappoint me!!! Just becs us women want to look beautiful and nice does not mean its an invitation to b raped!!!! My husband loves it when im all made up becs he knows im his no matter who admires me!!! Shame on you!!! Im glad im not an indian,have you asked those women if theyr happy being hidden?!!! Jesus!!!! Wake up!!! And those that rape are nothing but perverted weaklings who can only rape to show their strength!!! Sickos!!!!
  • Jonas Aaron M. Jasmin sick people ……
  • Saeed Ahmed Stupid poster,,,how you can talk to a rapist,,do you think monster can talk??
  • Eleni Argyrou I agree with u Lulu Argyrou
  • Stephen Tighe sharjeel is apparently admitting to a serious lack of self-control. i’ve worked with attractive women. who didn’t dress themselves in bags. been to the gym with very attractive women wearing very revealing outfits. never once was tempted to rape anyone. was tempted a few times to ask them for their telephone numbers. i guess there’s a difference…some men have so little control over themselves that they want women hidden from them, otherwise they won’t be able to keep themselves from raping. like sharjeel. then there’s the majority of us.
  • Betty J Rousey No, Saeed, but there is a huge group who still say “she asked for it…” (Meaning she dressed provocatively, or she was at a bar, etc.) And it is very, very untrue.. A MAN is responsible for his actions, period.
  • Tyson J Magdaleno That is the stupidest thing I ever heard in my life!!!! Just because a woman has a vagina between her legs does NOT make her innocent!!! Dressing like a whore and putting it out there so guys can look, OF CORSE guys will go after you!!! What do you think you are doing??? Girls are just as stupid!!! Don’t be a whore!!!
  • Ydal Hasi dont be so defensive dude..!!! if you think u can handle ur orgy watching nude woman in front of you..then..chill..!!!
    ur name is not written there..! lolZ
  • Will Cashmore Does that mean that men are incapable of controlling themselves???
  • Will Cashmore How about if you see money in a bank? does that mean it’s ok to take that money because you saw it?
  • Pedro Gonçalves there is no excuse for a rape, the girl can dress however she likes… That is what being a man means.
  • D’Ann Florek You are confussing rape with sex there is a huge difference little BOY!!
  • Frankie Rose There’s some fucking warped, backwards, retarded cunts on here. Think its ok to rape a woman because of what she wears? What are you a fucking neanderthal caveman or something? You aint men, you’re sick animals.
  • Saeed Ahmed In theory yes ,,,but in reall life human are like animals,,,the only diffren’t thing is they have mind  so if a girl ‘ll walk undress like a cat in the street, a dog ‘ll not have anyproblems to attack her,,becuase he know that if she ‘ll have problem with that she woulden’t do it,,,and rapers is somthing you should understan first ?
  • Darcy George By that logic every woman at any beach or pool is asking to be raped? Really? How bout you keep it in your pants till invited other wise
  • Dorothy Lafrinere I found this as a very simple but complete answer to the , “Why’s of Rape’ : Man’s structural capacity to rape and woman’s corresponding structural vulnerability are as basic to the physiology of both our sexes as the primal act of sex itself. Man’s discovery that his genitalia could serve as a weapon to generate fear must rank as one of the most important discoveries of prehistoric times, along with the use of fire and the first crude stone axe. Rape’s critical function is nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear. A reflective comment, by Claire M. Renzetti, on this chapter appears at the end of the chapter. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)
  • Dorothy Lafrinere In any case NO means NO…. whether it is verbal abuse or sexual abuse. People that feel the need to control another will never understand right from wrong as they have their own justifications of what they do. There is no rational thinking in a mind that is compelled to do wrong. It just is, for them. A comment above about not being able to speak to a monster is pretty much true. The signs and petitions are for the people that are rational and can differentiate right from wrong. They allow victims and people of understanding to vent a much needed release of anger. It is one small way to feel we are fighting back~
    •  Saeed Ahmed Some people don’t know what they are talking about ,,rape is not sex are you serious ?? so what is it a theif ?? ,,raper is a sick person how dosen’t have family or he didn’t live hes life as it should be so he don’t have any problem to attack woaman when he find her alone, or undress whats prove to him that know one ‘ll aske about her:) or she ‘ll not bothr,,,this is in genral ,,but it ‘ll hase diffrent resons too
    •  Simon Lionel Posner Frankie, I wish it wasn’t so, but there are a few stupid people in the world, they have to educated, we were lucky. We were taught right from wrong by good people who gave us understanding. Some are in a subculture were they don’t think they have no empathy for the victim, or are not brave enough to stand against their peers and say ‘NO Stop I will no let you do this.’ And even bystander can be scared to interfere in a crime.
    •  Aneeza Banu Revealing cloths an invitation for rape, so this is the excuse rapist used to get away from being charged. Anyone with the right mind will not accept this. If clothing of a female arouses this kind of man, no women is safe not even their mother, sister or own daughters. We had a similar case in Malaysia, where young graduate raped in a bus by the driver in the middle of city, during day.he took his time in raping her then used her head scarf to strangle her to death. Then throw her naked body in a highway. She was properly clothed n was wearing Jonah (head scarf). The excuse the rapist used her voice aroused him. Rape is just an excuse.
    •  April Moon What if cloths were never made and we all lived naked like tribes do in some areas would that be the excuse to rape all that you wanted too? (take what you want all day like it’s a buffet?) Rape is rape some one being forced against there will is in no way a yes! Weather they are clothed or not . Although we are of animal nature we are not supposed to be beast and think of only one self and our own wants and needs to be selfish. We are mammals but we are humans and that is supposed to set us apart from beast.
    •  Saeed Ahmed well we don’t have this issuse that mach,, only how want to commit suicide well do this !! becuase if he want to get bit he ‘ll follow a girle  ,,but also they close your home door so i wouldn’t look in
    •  Jo Kawai Clothes don’t mean “Yes”! Stupid excuse from stupid people.
    •  Carol Busam even the societies that didn’t wear clothes had punishment for rape
    •  Saeed Ahmed ‘ll if i want to speak like hero i can do this? ,,but i am just trying to tell the truth ,,if you pepole don’t want to understan this its ok ,,you can live with it ,,sure you ‘ll have more and more sick people ,,we do this and girl are verey respected only crazy ‘ll think to rape ( trouth always hard
    •  Saeed Ahmed jo kawai ,,you stupid ,,becuase its not excuse its the fact of sick people ,,i hope you are not sick as them:)
    •  Mary Davis Men are ridiculous. You blame women because you cannot control yourself. COWARDS.

      Aahhhh. Have you ever noticed most religions are created by men and always subjugate women. Which only begs the question: Why are men so Afraid of women?!!!! Could it be that women possess the most powerful weapon in the world-The Vagina!!!!!
      Lysistrata by Aristophanes.
    •  Reggie The-Shinobi Copeland wow…….i agree.
    •  Saeed Ahmed if its not sex then why they don’t attack mans ,,,some people clim to be know sothing when they don’t know shit becuase if they do ,,they would speand there times teaching girle how to portect her self and know all resons behind rape ,,not speaking to a monster ? its community problem you have to start from hom,,take care of your woaman and don’t let her walk alone at night like a bitch
    •  La Patrona You. Rock. Girl
    •  Lucy Waithira Hiram What are they talking about men been provoked they pissing me off. We always see men sagging their pants and showing under wears, during summer time they walk with their shirts off, i never seen a women trying to jump them, we have feelings too. When insulting women, be considerate because your mother and sister are women
    •  Sarah Theodore Just remeber ppl, rape isnt really just about the sex….Its about him having power over you, making you feel low, envulnerable, dirty, etc. And a majority of rapists have woman problems. You can be dresses like a muslim woman, from head to toe, and you can still get raped. Ask those women over there in India or middle east, rape happens to them all the time.
    •  Saeed Ahmed Exctully lucy ,,thats mean you can’t diny that mans had issuse ,,and hes issuse is that he love woaman so if he want her? he don’t care how he ‘ll get her,,if hes good he ‘ll go the good way ,,if hes bad you can expact from man anything ,,but don’t think he ‘ll listen to you
    •  Saeed Ahmed Nice Sarah ,,i am in the middle east  we don’t have it per mint and india are not like middle east ,,i her about rape once a year ,,you should know more about Islam
    •  Elsie Njeri Njoroge i believe every rapist should be castrated…
    •  Sue Lloyd Wallace Like the one person stated above. What if we didn’t have clothes? Then what would be the excuse? People that think it’s okay to rape a woman because of what she wore or didn’t wear needs to be bent over and raped themselves so that they would know how it feels. NO MAN should EVER think that they have the right to do as they please with a woman and any place or person that teaches that are ignorant. A woman deserves it because of what she wears is a bunch of horseshit and those that honestly believe that are piles of it. I guess that means if a man walks around with clothes that are too sexy or walks around with his shirt off that that means a man has every right to rape him then. Any parents that teach their children to believe that a woman is a piece of property and not an equal and deserves to get raped based on what she wears or just simply because a man wanted to ought to be slapped upside the head and prevented from EVER reproducing again.
    •  Agus Widianto It’s like a rich man deserves robbery ..
    •  Kathleen Brown i deserve to own thier (rapists) assets because they were flaunting thier wealth. $$  $$
    •  Sovanda Soeun those basted shall die………
    •  Carl Amolat Forget break the face, I say exterminate the brutes.
    •  Saeed Ahmed Sue Lloyd,,you need to be a man to talk about this ,coz obviosly you are thinking with your heart and thats why man and woaman are not equale !! how you can say its an excuse ?? how side its ok to rape woaman becuase of whats she is wearing ? ,,,please try to understand first what we are try to explain her,,its a fact !! and if anyman want to deny this its becuase he don’t want to accuse a man like him ,,but the fact is some of the mans are like monstars they don’t care about you ,,if you find somone care about you he ‘ll tell you please don’t go out undress becuase there is many sick mans are whaiting for you ,,,regarding human with out close it happend before, whene people was barbian
    •  Deborah Dabney Teague jus bobbitt.
    •  Sarah Smith I love this
    •  Peter von Reichenberg should make your choice. Are you human or animal? Because one day…you will die like human…or animal. If you can´t control yourself and you defend ones like you, you´re animal. Disappointingly for your parents…you´ll die that way. Hopefully like the ones you defend. Hopefully like those bastards!
    •  Saeed Ahmed if you leving in your on farm, and you know there is many wolfs behind your fance ,,would you aske Mr. wolf not to eat you sons or you ‘ll tech your son not to cross the border?
    •  Marina Pesheva Saeed, please shut up. There isn’t as many cases of rape over there because the women there are not even allowed to walk down the street by themselves, and without permission. They are your property and also your English is horrible.
    •  Saeed Ahmed Idiot man ‘ll not teach woaman how bad is out there and ‘ll try to talk to the Mr. wolf ,,real man ‘ll teach her not give her self under anyname ,,real girl ‘ll understan that she need to be carefull from anyman,,stupid girl ‘ll think that she can face it as man
    •  Sadique Mohtasim Koushik i agree with yhis…
    •  Saeed Ahmed  you stupid person becuase you should come and see your self before you talk,,but peole like you just love to lie
    •  Jennifer Muto Excellent!!!!!!!!
    •  Hải Đường noone stops you if you can sister
    •  Saeed Ahmed You Liar becuase you can’t give answers for the above and it explain why you people don’t belive in god,,but you have to know that god don’t need you ,,you need him ,,and you ‘ll know this when you meet him soon
    •  Maricar Carcar L Ignorance is the root of all evil. Rapists are ignorant on how to respect humans – whether it be a man or woman, because a woman is both made by a man & woman.
    •  Marina Pesheva Saeed, I understand that you are a shallow person and you cannot grasp the idea of women deserving the RIGHT to walk down the street wearing whatever they want, just like men can wear whatever they please, without the fear of rape. It is NOT OK for men to think they can have whatever they want just because they have a penis in their pants, and a physically stronger.
    •  Saeed Ahmed First ,,I’m not arab,,becuase only some of arab think this,,second i have 2 sisters and they do work
    •  Saeed Ahmed I do belive that woaman should have her rights
    •  Saeed Ahmed I didn’t say man can have what ever he want ,,but i side some man reall do this ,,so there is big diffren’t
    •  Saeed Ahmed So, should i teach my sister and portect her or westing my time asking mans?
    •  Saeed Ahmed I’m not this kind of man,,you asumming this…i know lair,,,how never listen to you just becuase of your raci, or religion
    •  Yoli Tucay They committed a crime they should be hang to death dont give any excuses no woman in this world want to be raped..pls wake up
    •  Marina Pesheva it is not religion, or a race it’s about culture, traditions and believes. I just don’t think I should hide and be afraid because some men have issues. You compared men with wolfs, well I say carry a gun and shoot the mother fucker than. Since you compare men to animals, than treat them as such. Although I would like to believe that the majority of men are somewhat evolved and can control themselves. Personally if I were a man I would be offended if I were compared to wolfs, dogs pigs etc.
    •  Lota Engano this is a matter of respect to human kind.We are all child of God.
    •  Saeed Ahmed Subject was solution Yoli,,:)
    •  Saeed Ahmed Verey good Marina i like your answer its mean you are thinking  200 years a go you wouldn’t say this,,,becuase there wasn’t any system like we have know ,,,world was like jungel right? ,,,
    •  Saeed Ahmed Please give me your answer and listen carfully to what i tell you …ok
    •  Michael Sampson I’m tempted to disagree with the death sentence comment above. I generally assume that while rape happens, most people will say it’s rape or forced or they were taken advantage of to get around the fact. It happens more often than you think, even if there’s a lot of evidence to prove otherwise. I say unless there’s 100% evidence we can’t say she was raped. Maybe I don’t know where this picture was taken and I’m just happily ignorant. But people are sly, and that’s the fact.However, and I feel that people are going to flame me from not reading: I’m saying that rape does happen and they’re not to be condoned. And while I’m here saying my point I just want to say to wear some fucking clothes, girls. Doesn’t matter if someone was provoked by it or not, or if it’s the latest fad, it’s called decency. You won’t be defending yourself when you realize your daughters became whores because you let her wear a Baby Thong, and you think it’s cute when she “pops her booty” at age 4, then wonder where you went wrong when she’s pregnant and 14.
      Don’t claim decency when you flaunt the goods everywhere. I wouldn’t act on it, but it’s like someone who wears no shirt and then says “Stop staring”. Dress normally, stop trying to “look sexy”, and maybe then people will stop looking at you in a sexual way.
    •  Arun Boruah then who creates excitation first??????????????
    •  Saeed Ahmed woaman
    •  Beáta Bozó Strangely enough, I somehow do agree with Michael up there, even though I am a woman myself.
    •  Barbara Markey A fuckin disgrace to the whole world. But it’s not only now we know this shit happens as usual it takes someone to die then the let on they care. Not a hope my toughts are with that girl. And only her and its to late So sorry
    •  Barbara Markey The poor girl died Michael so no comment. Wrong place to state what u think
    •  Joanne Sparkle Disagree michael – rape is not sexual it is violence.
    •  Evelyn Dela Cruz Manuel these rapist are not only sadist, they r crazy animals! her body could barely recognizable..she was violently beaten to death!
    •  Mark Gould ANY man, from ANY religion who tries to justify rape and blame a woman is no man at all. You are a coward. She could be naked and you still have no right to rape her. We are supposed to be smarter than animals when most of these so called men are no better than dogs. So if I ever hear anyone speaking like this in person, I will decimate your face and know that it was your fault for “putting” yourself in danger.
    •  Sande Rose BRAVO to Mark! I hope you do not mind too much if I copy and share your comment!? *Oh, and are U receiving any of my “shared” items? Peace ~ Sande
    •  Mark Gould @Sande- don’t mind at all
    •  Jimmy L Embry What a Shamefull world we Live in.
    •  Saeed Ahmed If you are not a beliver then you ‘ll never belive,,woaman get hearsickness, mans get mindsickness,,and you can Imagin what each one of them ‘ll do when he get sick becuase of anything they have been throw,,, then its a disease what we are dealing with her ? so waht would be the curative? kill all sick mans? who you gona know them ? so you have only one way ? its the way that god tell us to do it !!,,,actully we do this where i live and evreything is going fine,,,but in your case i really don’t know what you should do? if i suggest to do like we do !! you call it woman rights even some of you call it rape justify,,i never blame woaman i only side she must take care,,becuase trying to teach sick person not to be sick is not gona work wish you the best
    •  Syed Usman am silent on tat banner. I will chop of their damn ***is…better.
    •  Ernest Schultz Neandethal Man
    •  Dragz Anator That’s right good on ya kiddo
    •  Reena Sharma well said
    •  Ria Petrou dido
    •  Antonio Petrocelli a lot people in this world are mental disorder….cannot believe…they can do this..poor girls..
    •  Vic Zaldua Partly true….
    •  Veronica Roland Bowers @ Joanne..rape is sexual and it’s’s sexual violence..I don’t believe that ANY woman, or man or child for that matter, deserves to be raped. But I do agree with Michael to a point. There are some really sick minded people in this world, as we can see, and if a woman or young girl, chooses to wear something thats way to revealing, she is drawing a lot of unnecessary attention to herself. These rapist may look at these young girls and women and see an easier target because they dont have much on so they wont have as much of a problem getting to what they want. Its not right at all that it happens but all people are trying to say is that if you respect yourself and dont want “the wrong guys” to look at you, then don’t wear something that will make EVERY guy look at you. This probably had nothing to do with this poor girl that got raped and its still no reason for a man to think that he has the right to do this to anyone, but it sure doesnt help matters when you put yourself out there. With that being said, I hope these sick creeps get what is coming to them for treating a human life this way.
    •  Miles Wiggins Hahahah women logic!
    •  Marija Siber Rape has been around far longer than the mini skirt. No matter what a woman wears there will always be those who will claim she’s “asking for it”.
    •  Yanus de Boskabouter There’s nothing to ‘love’ about this… Think about it. It’s actually very sad that it is necessary because the frigging government doesn’t take it as seriously as it should do!
    •  Michelle Renwick Wilson Yanus, I think what Yolanda meant is that she liked someone’s COMMENT about this – not that she liked the idea of the rape itself.
    •  Angela Svetlana Dancev Some of you need to look up rape apology because some of you have that mentality. Stop chastising the victim and start chastising the predator.
    •  Deena Canfield So does that mean bathing suit season is out this summer because we are not safe!!!
    • Janet Branson NO means NO!!!
    • Dorothy Lafrinere Fact …the act of rape is not about the lack of clothing, the age, the body type or the convenience. It is about a state of mind.
    •  Rosemarie Ganpatsingh Choosheenam Rape is the unauthorised invasion of a woman’s private anatomy.Violations of person or property is completely unacceptable in civilised and democratic societies.
    •  Kathy Nye Oh, India.
    •  Aelaf Seged Tedros punishments wont change such inhuman acts… cultural transformation though schools up to political system where women voices can be heard shud be implemented. even if it takes burning those savages while hanging !!!
    •  Cyrus Calibo Nice
    •  Warvonz Vonz dont hesitate …… just kill no question ask.
    •  MickEsther Koenen you can’t say it righter
    •  Tammie Smith amen!!!!!
    •  Kevin Hbk Neverson The Police should have shot those fuckers on site! No questions asked! This is a prolonging a situation that should have been dealt with the very same day. Anybody who disagrees with this statement just think it could have been your sister or mother or aunt or girlfriend….
    •  Dennis Norrie Rapists should be raped by a very large,vicious, brute of a man, with a very large appendage, who has an insatiable appetite for sex….the punishment fits the crime.
    •  Sharlz Valli Please dnt compare these @¤holes 2 animals cos animals dnt rape ther is nothin or no one these things can b compared 2!
    This discussion is an excerpt from Knowledge is Power
    It is unedited~

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  1. I think there could become a couple duplicates, but an exceedingly helpful list! I have tweeted this. A lot of thanks for sharing!

    Comment by Autumn | February 8, 2014 | Reply

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