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Bruises fade… Pain does not~


Have you ever been the one that has to hide the embarrassment of abuse?

Have you ever been the one that has to wear extra makeup so that no questionable looks will fall upon you by every passer by?

Have you ever been the one that has become very good at creating somewhat believable  stories explaining the bruises that continue to return?

Have you ever wondered just how many more bruises will have to be endured and fade away before you say, ‘ENOUGH’ ?

Funny how once a bruise is faded away, the pains caused to a victim are so easily forgotten.

It is almost as if that faded bruise has just cleared the way for the abuser to add another.

So true is the saying, ‘Out of sight…Out of mind’

So true is also the saying, ‘ Abusers will abuse … because they can’.



April 8, 2011 Posted by | Abuse | 3 Comments