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Are you being Abused?


Abuse has no limitations…it knows no age, gender, nor color. It is one of the most scarring, shaming and traumatic experiences a human mind will ever be experience.
Abuse is another one of those words that society never fails to turn into shame…it is why I call it a ‘ HUSH WORD’.

It is what most people that are victims work very hard at hiding because of many reasons, shame being one.

A victim will go to any lengths to hide her abuse, not so much to protect her abuser, more so to protect herself and the realization that she is in an abusive relationship and then she will be forced to deal with it.

In most cases the victims are already grown up when they finally begin to address certain abuses they have experienced in life…it is only then that they can find the strength to call upon the demon that has haunted them for years. Or they find themselves in one abusive relationship after another…never quite understand what they keep doing wrong…….





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  1. I read you again and I love it everytime. Howz things down Daytona way.

    Comment by Diwakar | July 28, 2009 | Reply

    • Hello…thank you for your kind words.. Things down my way are as they are everywhere else…there is a vast and quickly moving change and it is on a downward spiral unfortunately.

      Comment by dorothyl | July 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. i was abused for close to 30 yrs in my relationship with my ex and my children were as well. right now, my son is being accused of abusing his wife, but it is just the opposite. she is bipolar and constantly switching her meds cos she is out of control, but she went to the courts and claimed she was abused and got a pfa against him with no evidence other than her word and took his 2yo son from him and moved him in with her, where he is not safe, at least not in our opinions, as we have seen the way she’s neglected and abused him over his lifetime, but according to the law, my son is the abuser, cos she said so. i know what abuse really is, i lived thru it for too many years, and my son is not an abuser, when she got violent with him, he walked away and took his son with him. i wish there were sites where he can go to like this one that deals with his problems.

    Comment by peg | December 1, 2009 | Reply

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