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Motherhood can be the most joyous part of our lives. It gives us feelings of love, of being needed, of being responsible, and so many more positive things. It also gives us many challenges that we are never prepared to deal with. The challenge that I am going to share with you, is of a mother having to deal with an abusive child. Whether the abuse stems from chemical abuse or learned behavior, it is still abuse. These questions are my thoughts.

When does being a mother to your children, switch into being a prisoner of their world?

When does being a mother that nurtures and breast feeds her sweet helpless child, turn into a mother ducking from that grown child’s blows?

When does being a mother say we have to stand by and watch our children fall into the grips of addiction?….




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  1. I am the friend of an abused mum. Her child is 10 years old, and I do not know what to do. He hits her and has recently given her a black eye. I know from the past that she has been a no, no, yes parent, a solo mum. Her child now is for her absolutely scary. When in my care he is as good as gold, keeping it together. As they do, what do I do?

    Comment by Karen Gilbody | July 10, 2009 | Reply

    • Hello Karen
      Have you taken a few minutes to discuss this with the mum?
      If she does not admit that her child is showing abusive behavior…there is really nothing that you can do short of teaching this child a few manners when you have him in your care.
      So many parents feel that their children’s actions are just that ‘childlike actions’ and that they will outgrow them.
      This child is abusing her because he can. He obviously has figured out that she is far too distracted and preoccupied to take the needed time to guide him in a proper manner.
      It is fact that a child that shows characteristics of abusive behavior has had to learn it form somewhere. If she has been abused and he has witnessed it more than once, this is a learned behavior and not a good one.
      This is a very general answer as I do not know enough about the circumstances surrounding this child’s life to go into any depth.
      You can however mail me anytime.
      Have a good day!

      Comment by dorothyl | July 10, 2009 | Reply

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